Online College – For All Ages And For All Stages of Life

Moving back in the time of few decades earlier…if you have seen the 1960’s movie High Times, you can definitely remember the role of Harvey Howard, a 51-year-old played by the late entertainer Bing Crosby. That veteran person decided to enroll in the college for the first time in order to obtain his bachelor’s degree. For that time, it sounded unusual for a 51-year-old person to get admission in the college. But time has changed now and people are getting admitted in the colleges even at their 70s and 80s.

The main reason for the revolution in the conventional education system that Harvey Howard did not get is the facility of internet technology. It helps in immense growth of online college that makes education more accessible and available for everyone- both a teenage students to the veteran persons.

Study At Your Own Pace

In the movie you may have felt sympathetic with Bing Crosby’s character since he faced problem due to his old age- that he was almost in the age of being his fellow students’ father. That’s why this sober and mature enough old person faced problem to adjust his fellow students as they used to love to party down. But in the present time, no one has to face this problem since the students are opting for online colleges. Since the mode of education is via online, the students don’t have to meet face to face. Therefore, there is no question of adjustment in spite of the diversity of ages. You can study online in your own timing and at your own pace.

While online mode helps you to fulfill your dream at any age, it can be challenging too. Since it’s a solitary pursuit, you need apply genuine self motivation to be successful. But once you are motivated yourself for a degree through online college, no one can prevent you from obtaining your online degree.

The major advantage of online college is that you can complete the course in your own time and study at your own pace. Unlike the traditional education, system you are not compelled to give time bound semester or quarter system. In fact, you will be enough flexibility about course duration in order to complete your online degree.

Online College – A Thrifty Option

Rather than the traditional college education, online mode of education in comparatively cost effective since there is not huge investment in the infrastructure. Moreover, there is travel expenditure, as you only need to commute few feet within your house. Additionally, you don’t need to pay the lab fees and ASB charges.


When the online college degree program is accredited by any trusted body recognized by the state and federal government, it carries the same weight like other traditional college degree.


If you are not interested in obtaining a full college degree program online and just want to brush up your old skills and develop some new knowledge, online education has also option for you. There are some courses available online for the purpose of self-motivation.

Hundreds of thousands of options are available for online college. Based on your requirements you need to choose your desired course and online college. It does not matter how old you are since there is no better time than present to start your study in an online college.